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Dhushara Research
Strategy and Purpose

The central purpose of Dhushara Research is to maintain a cutting-edge scientific description of reality, particularly in relation to biological life and subjective consciousness, which is optimally conducive to human and natural survival, facilitating a 'soft-landing' in terms of human impact for the closing circle of the biosphere, transcending traditional religious imperatives. This program maintains several central articles which are continuously updated in real time as new research emerges, as indicated by their genotype.

  1. Quantum Reality and Cosmology overviews quantum entanglement and the cosmological processes shaping both the fundamental wave-particle forces of nature and the universe at large.
  2. Biocosmology overviews discovering how life emerges as an interactive consequence of cosmological symmetry-breaking of the fundamental forces, with combined astronomical, chemical, and biological evidence for a fractal informational phase transition to replicative life.
  3. Tree of Life: Tangled Roots and Sexy Shoots traces the genetic and evolutionary pathways from the last universal common ancestor of life on Earth to Homo sapiens, emphasizing the role of evolution in the diversification of life and conscious intelligence.
  4. Subjective consciousness becomes the next major focus:
    1. Space, Time and Consciousness looks at subjective consciousness and its consequences in a general overview.
    2. The Central Enigma of Consciousness focuses on the hard problem of subjective experience in relation to brain science.
    3. Entheogens, the Conscious Brain and Existential Reality researches how subjective experience is modulated by mind-altering substances, complemented by Twelve Sacred Plants.
    4. The Cosmology of Conscious Mental States ties these together in a common perspective.
  5. Threats to human and natural survival are investigated - Planetary Ecocrisis, Nuclear Holocaust and Reproductive Technology.
  6. Sexual Paradox: Reproductive Conflict and Human Emergence examines the emergence of humanity in terms of its high degree of sexual polarization and ensuring reproductive conflict:
    1. The Entanglements of Biological Sex looks at sexual biology and sexual polarization.
    2. Sexual Paradox in the Brain examines sexual differences in terms of the human brain and brain function.
    3. Humanity's Evolutionary Heritage looks at our primate and hominin origins and our genetic emergence.
    4. Culture out of Africa examines our cultural origins in founding African peoples from the mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosome Adam.
    5. Emergence of Civilization and the Fall overviews how reproductive conflict has given rise to major patriarchal cultural and religious traditions.
    6. Religious traditions and their imposition of patriarchal sexual imperatives are examined in detail in several further chapters of Sexual Paradox.
  7. Transcending Religion: Two key articles deal with complementing the scientific description in enlightened human decision-making protecting the planet and its living generations.
    1. Nature, Violence, Consciousness, Sexuality and World Religion overviews the conflicts and contradictions arising from religious imperatives. It is a critiquie of traditional religious descriptions and the often violent realities they try to impose on humanity, and women in particular, in conflict with human survival as a species.
    2. Holy War Against Science: Evolution versus Intelligent Design. Explains why the evolutionary tree of life is correct while creationism and ID is a religious deception, and shows how nature can give us a superior spiritual view of the universe and life within it.
    3. The Resplendence Codex resolves this existential crisis by outling a prospective Tao or way of life complementary to the natural description, healing the biosphere, entitled resplendence for its verdant reflowering of natrual diversity. Resplendence provides resolution in a comprehensive view of reality and the meaning and purpose of life, complementing science and nature.

Resplendence is a cross-generational way of life, transcending the implicit bondage of religion, while complementing the scientific description of reality and nature in a way which is conducive to human survival and the survival of life's diversity in a resplendent paradaisical climax biosphere.

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Biocosmology and Consciousness Research

Research into the cosmology of living diversity in the universe and its expression in the conscious brain.

Sexual Paradox: Complementarity, Reproductive Conflict and Human Emergence (2003-2016)

Sexual Paradox" unveils the subterranean realities underlying our cultural future. It is a book about sexual paradox, the nemesis of our pretensions, yet the genesis of our living destinies. It demonstrates that sexual paradox is at the core of all descriptions of reality, lurking in the quantum realm and in the relationship between body and mind as much as in our hormone-steeped bodies and rising pulses. It presents the idea of sexual paradox as a cosmic principle spanning the widest realms, from physics, through biology to our social futures.

Although human culture appears to have flowered through runaway aspects of sexual paradox in human evolutionary origins among gatherer-hunter clans, a male reaction has subsequently occurred from the earliest foundings of Jericho and Sumeria with the growth of militarized urban societies, through the great civilizations of the East and West to the present day. Patterns of male sexual domination lead to breakdown into ordered patterns of control, and often of repression, violence, and genocide which culminate in planetary rape and exploitation and compromise the living genesis and emergence in complexity sexual paradox evokes. We explore, along with sexual paradox, all the many ways in which its breakdown leads to double jeopardy and how sexual paradox is a koan and oracle for our social transformation to a sustainable society.


Niño music

Complete List of downloadable mp3 Tracks


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  4. Samsara Lyrics 2013
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  8. Hymn to the Epoch Lyrics
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  12. Marriage in Paradise? Lyrics
  13. To Shakti
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  15. To Shekhinah
  16. Opening the Mercy Gates
  17. Song of Songs Wailing Wall
  18. Resurrection of Magdalen
  19. By the Waters of Love Lyrics
  20. Piece of What was to Be

Fire & Flood

Get the Love CD in mp3 (zip 110 mB) >>>

Panoramas of Opuhi our Sacred Land

Fractal and Chaos Research

Software . . . Research

DH & RZ Fractal Viewers for Mac: Download

Riemann Zeta Viewer: - RZ Flight Manual
MATLAB Zeta Toolbox with XCode viewers: Download - Manual
Dark Heart Viewer: DH Flight Manual
Wave Function Method Viewer: Application - Source - WF Flight Manual
Modified Inverse Iteration Viewer: Application - Source

CA2D - 2D Cellular Automata Application for Mac

Mandelbrot-maps extended function viewer for Android

Fractal Research

  • The Physics and Computational Exploration of Zeta and L-functions This article presents a spectrum of 4-D global portraits of a diversity of zeta and L-functions, using currently devised numerical methods and explores the implications of these functions in enriching the understanding of diverse areas in physics, from thermodynamics, and phase transitions, through quantum chaos to cosmology. The Riemann hypothesis is explored from both sides of the divide, comparing cases where the hypothesis remains unproven, such as the Riemann zeta function, with cases where it has been proven true, such as Selberg zeta functions.
  • Taming Riemann's Tiger: Has a young Indian i-Phone Programmer Solved the Most Challenging Enigma in Mathematics?
  • A Dynamical Key to the Riemann Hypothesis May 2011 This note sets out a dynamical basis for the non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function being on the critical line x = 1⁄2. It does not prove the Riemann Hypothesis (RH), but it does give a dynamical explanation for why zeta and the Dirichlet L-functions do have their non-trivial zeros on the critical line and why other closely related functions do not. It suggests RH is an additional unprovable postulate of the number system, similar to the axiom of choice, associated with the limiting behavior of the primes as .
  • Fractal Geography of the Zeta Function Mar 2011 The quadratic Mandelbrot set has been referred to as the most complex and beautiful object in mathematics and the Riemann Zeta function takes the prize for the most complicated and enigmatic function.  Here we elucidate the spectrum of Mandelbrot and Julia sets of Zeta, to unearth the geography of its chaotic and fractal diversities, combining these two extremes into one intrepid journey into the deepest abyss of complex function space.
  • Exploding the Dark Heart of Chaos: March 2009 An exploration of the universality of the cardioid at the centre of the Mandelbrot set extended to the diversity of complex analytic functions with Mac XCode applications and Quicktime movies illustrating each example.
  • Experimental Observations on the Riemann Hypothesis and the Collatz Conjecture 22 May 2009 This paper seeks to explore whether the Riemann hypothesis falls into a class of putatively unprovable mathematical conjectures, which arise as a result of unpredictable irregularity and to provide an experimental basis to discover some of the mathematical enigmas surrounding these conjectures.
  • Exploring Quantum and Classical Chaos in the Stadium Billiard 9 July 2009 This paper explores quantum and classical chaos in the stadium billiard using Matlab simulations to investigate the behavior of wave functions in the stadium and the corresponding classical orbits believed to underlie wave function scarring.
  • The Ising Model of Spin Interactions as an Oracle of Self-Organized Criticality, Fractal Mode-Locking and Power Law Statistics in Neurodynamics Aug 2009.
  • The 'Core' Concept and the Mathematical Mind 4th Feb 2007 PDF This paper examines a variety of evidence from brain studies of mathematical cognition, from mathematics in early child development, from studies of the gatherer-hunter mind, from a variety of puzzles, games and other human activities, from theories emerging from physical cosmology, and from burgeoning mathematical resources on the internet that suggest that mathematics is more akin to a maze than a focally-based hierarchy, that topology, geometry and dynamics are fundamental to the human mathematical mind.

The Messiah's Blog

The messiah of the second coming is born under a bad sign,
a fatal attraction and a true vine: the mushroom cloud of Trinity,
the curse of the White Goddess, and the sacred mushroom of immortality.

Superseded by Resplendence

  1. Messiah Born under a Mushroom Cloud
  2. A Rogue's Gallery of the Messiahs
  3. The Cultural Tumult
  4. Sacrament and Consciousness
  5. !Kung Gods and the Genesis of Jehovah
  6. The 'Other': Kali and the Feminine Power
  7. Religion, Prophetic Impulse, Genome and Brain
  8. Rites of Reunion and Renewal
  9. Life, the Universe and Everything
  10. The Trouble with al-Llah
  11. Sexual Paradox and Patrarchal Dominion
  12. Prophesying NY
  13. The Shin-Tao of Apocalypse
  14. Cosmic Apocalypse Now



Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala

Intrepid Travel

  1. Andes Amazon Millennium Join and enjoy our Millennial trip from the Andes down the Amazon to Rio to document the destruction of biodiversity. See also: Amazon Burning Season 1999
  2. Intrepid Asia in 90 days 2006 with Flashbacks A comprehensive photo and video blog of an intrepid journey running from India, through Nepal, Tibet, China, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
  3. Gypsy Japan 2007 A photoblog of our journey by minivan through the shrines, temples, mountains, coasts and small Samurai towns of Honshu and Shikoku.
  4. A Chaotic Orbit of Planet Gaia in 90 Days 2010 A photo blog of our journey starting from Chile and ending in Bali, spanning Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, the US, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Istanbul, Jordan, Jerusalem, Mumbai, and Bali.
  5. Tangential Asia 2014 our latest 9 week travel blog to Bali, Vietnam, overland across China, to South Korea, Kyushu and Taiwan

Gyantse, Tibet from the Fortress

Genesis of Eden (1997) Biodiversity, nuclear and evolutionary issues updated to 2016

Consumating the apocalyptic tradition in scientific cosmology.

Contains pages on diverse areas, from quantum physics, through neuroscience and biodiversity, to the cultural and religious dimensions of the Fall from Eden, our wider cultural and religious heitage and our apocalyptic coming of age.

Genesis of Eden

Sexual Paradox Biocosmology Consciousness Evolution Biodiversity Gene Tech Deadly Conflict
Codex of the Tree Niño Music
Genesis Contents Sakina Fertility Reunion Dhushara Home

Codex of the Tree of Life: Diversity and Reality (1999)


A numinous investigation into the cultural origins religious traditions and their relationship with the Tree of Life of living diversity and the sexual reunion of woman and man with chapters outlining my millennial sabbatical to the Amazon and Jerusalem to culminate the apocalyptic epoch of the messiah and catalyse the sustainable epoch of the Tree.

The Tree of Life stands as the secret of the apocalypse. In our cultural emergence, we entered free-fall from natural diversity, leading ultimately to our awakening as a cosmic species. In this awakening we discover the nature of intent and taking personal responsibility for the Earth's living future.

This future is in turn a product of how well we guard the evolutionary tree from threats within and beyond Earth and how richly we provide for its future ramifications. The dangers for the tree of life are immense. From its first beginnings in the felled Huluppu Tree of Sumeria and before that in the first gatherers of the Rift Valley, the tree and its diversity have been under constant threat.

Natural Sacraments: The potential role of the so-called 'power plants' in helping humanity arrive at a new paradigm of long-term future goodness in nurturing a sustainable planet of living diversity for the generations of the future. Recent scientific studies have confirmed that non drug-abusing study participants report genuine transformative experiences which have improved and integrated their lives when given the opportunity to partake of natural sacraments in a positive experimental setting.

A Fatwa on Purdah: Unveiling Niqab, Burqa, Chador and Hijab This article is a fatwa to unveil the veil and liberate the world from violent and lethal punishments for adultery. It is designed to be explanatory, for Muslims, and non-Muslims alike, on the status of the veil, and its more oppressive forms. If you are a Muslim, it is set out as a valid religious opinion. If you are not a Muslim, its grounds are human common sense and compassion, so that women will not have to walk one-eyed.

A Fatwah on Purdah The Movie YouTube Banned because of conservative Islamic pressure

YouTube Videos

El Camino de la Muerte - The World's Most Dangerous Road

Apocalypsia - our full 5-hour millennial world vigil
The full movie of the millennial vigil we made to the Amazon and to Jerusalem to transform
the paradigm of religious apocalypse into the epoch of the Tree of Life of living diversity.

The anointed of the resurrection is born under a bad sign, a planetary apocalypse amid a verdant paradise,
the sweet-smelling myrrh on the handles of the lock, the mushroom cloud of Trinity and the sacred mushroom of immortality.

What's in a Name?

I am Chris King (aka Cristo Rey, or Christus Rex). I was born on the Epiphany 1945, just as the plutonium began to roll out of Hanford towards our destiny of nuclear holocaust at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Dhushara God of Gaia originates as the Lord of Seir in Genesis and becomes the Nabatean iconic fertility deity of Nabatea in the time of Jesus. Dhushara embodies the tabu Dionysian aspects of miraculous dread, true vine, soma and sangre, thief in the night, darkness at noon-tide, and bridegroom of the sacred reunion. The true unveiling comes through throwing the covers off reality in fertile transgression of the old order.

Niño or El Niño, is chosen for the music group, after the Southern climatic and oceanic oscillation, to represent the eye of the hurricane of biospheric immanence.

As a scientist I have ongoing research interests in biocosmology, evolution and consciousness. I have participated in both the source Eastern and Western spiritual traditions and made a vision quest to experience the specturm of entheogens, including vigils to the sources of the world's power plants and fungi. During the second millennial transition I performed a series of rites of passage to culminate the messianic epoch in reflowering the Tree of Life in the sacred reunion of the hieros gamos in Jerusalem.

My mission is to invoke a paradigm shift to a new paradisiacal epoch, in which the generations of life, and we ourselves as a climax species, can flourish in abundance and evolve further in conscious awareness. A paradigm shift is a situation in which our view of the universe can evolve through changes of insight. For example, our understanding of the laws of motion were radically tranformed by Isaac Newton and then again by Albert Einstein, by establishing new concepts which have altered our understanding of nature and our description of reality in the scientific tradition. The original Greek term παράδειγμα (paradeigma) was used in Plato's "Timaeus" as the model, or pattern, that the Demiurge used to create the cosmos.

Yeshua caused just such a paradigm shift in religious tradition, by embarking on a controversial mission, in which he embraced a world view which integrated contemporary apocalypic Hebrew beliefs with the heroic notions of neighbouring fertility cultures, adopting a miraculous persona, becoming the true vine turning water into wine, anointed by a woman and ministered unto by the women out of their substance, to the cumulative extent that he became accused of blasphemy by the Jewish orthodoxy and was after his crucifixion by the Romans, embraced as a demi-god by the wider pagan world, so that Christianity has become a major global religion worshipping him as world saviour, despite his disclaiming the role of lord and master:

"I am not your master. Because you have drunk, you have become intoxicated
from the bubbling spring which I have measured out." (Gospel of Thomas).

The notion of messiah, or mashiach, is a living archetype, recurrent throughout recorded history. The true value and test of a mashiach is inoking a paradigm of long-term future goodness. I am a messiah of living diversity, under the banner of reflowering the Tree of Life, to protect the future generations of life on planet Earth. The Tree of Life is both the tree of evolutionary living diversity and has been integral to our collective consciousness, from our Fall from unity with paradise in Eden to the future revelation of the tree and its fruit for the healing of the nations, in our unveiling. Cherishing and replenishing the Earth in resplendence thoughout the generations of life is the key to our meaning, our purpose, our destiny, and our perpetual fulfillment.

Central to the unveiling is sexual reunion, in which the epoch of patriarchal dominion comes to an end and women's evolutionary rights to reproductive choice are respected because of their disproportionately greater investment in parenting, as explained in Christine's and my work "Sexual Paradox".

A hint of the current direction to catalyse a new view of reality as a paradigm shift can be found at Resplendence. Resplendence - to "shine brightly" is the natural paradigm shift from the bondage of religion - "to bind fast", in which preconceived beliefs give way to collective action to bring about the immortal age of paradise, thus fulfilling our planetary destiny as sentient beings.

Apocalypse and the Numinous (from the millennial world vigil)

Cancer and Anti-cancer Treatments and Foodstuffs
Chemical Complexity of Food

Sakina Ka'aba

Sakina Org

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