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Planetary Crisis
Sakina the feminine spirit of peace healing jihad and unravelling the Sept 11th nexus.

Biodiversity and Healing Earth

  1. The Sacrifice of Eve (Preventing the Last Great Extinction)
  2. The Value of Biodiversity Threatened Habitats
  3. Holocaust of the Green Cathedral (Tropical Deforestation)
  4. The Eye of Hathor (Searing the Planet: Global Warming and the Ozone Hole)
  5. The Violation of Gaea (Energy, Pollution and Desertification
  6. The Exploding Population (The Population Time-Bomb: The Crucial Role of Women)
  7. Exploding the Millennium (Disarmament and Biodiversity)
  8. Lethal Controversies

Cosmology, Biogenesis, Consciousness

  1. Order, Chaos and the Creative Principle
  2. Genesis: Science and Allegory
  3. Embracing Quantum Reality and Relativity
  4. Unified Field Theories, Symmetry-Breaking and the Inflationary Universe
  5. The Evolution of the Universe
  6. Planets in Abundance
  7. Extinction and Survival (Comet and Asteroid Risks to Earth)
  8. Biocosmology 1: Cosmic Symmetry-breaking and Molecular Evolution
  9. Biocosmology 2: Central Polymerization Pathways (Cosmological genetics)
  10. The Tree of Life: Evolution at the Edge of Chaos
  11. Modular Transposition and the Dynamical Structure of Eukaryote Regulatory Evolution
  12. The Sociobiology of Gender (Sociobiology in the Renewal)
  13. Quantum Mechanics, Chaos and Consciousness
  14. Fractal and Chaotic Dynamics in Nervous Systems
  15. Fractal Neurodyamics and Quantum Chaos: Resolving the Mind-Brain Paradox Through Novel Biophysics
  16. Images of Chaos
  17. Science Preprints: A variety of Research Papers from Physics to Neurobiology
  18. Science and the Numinous

Genetic Technology and Eco-politics

  1. Through a Glass Darkly: The Genetic Future of Eden
  2. Trans-nationalization, the Fall of Democracy and Ecosystemic Society

Ecological Gender Renewal

  1. The Renewal - Sowing the Spores of Immortality (Regenerating Planet Earth)
    Reviews of the Renewal  -  Why the Renewal is the Path of True Love for Man
    Voices of the Floodtide Ecofeminist and Feminine Spirituality Visions of the Renewal of Life
  2. Avoiding Genetic Holocaust
    (A Scientific, Political and Visionary Strategy for the Millennium)

The Prophetic Tradition and the Immortal Feminine

  1. Consummating Eden 1: (The Power of Archetypal Myth)
    Consummating Eden 2: (The Eden of Genesis)
    Consummating Eden 3: (The Synoptic Gospel of Eve)
    Consummating Eden 4: (The Consummation)
  2. The Hieros Gamos 1: (Exorcising Bitter-Sweet Hystery)
  3. The Hieros Gamos 2: (The Gospel of Miriam)
  4. The Tragic Fertility of Canaan
  5. The Origins of Sin 1: The Origin of Sin and the Queen of Heaven
    The Origins of Sin 2a: The Sin of the Patriarchs and the Death of Moses
    The Origins of Sin 2b: Redaction adn the Decalogue - Circumcision and the Sacrifice
    The Origins of Sin 2c : Yahweh and the Asherah - On Every High Hill and Under Every Green Tree
    The Origins of Sin 3: The Lunar Passion and the Daughters of Allah
  6. The Song and the Wisdom (Blood Roses: The Song of Sheba and the Sophia of Solomon)
  7. The Nemesis of the White Goddess
  8. Three Faces of Eve: Sacrifice as Original Sin
  9. The Literary Life of Deity and the Omega of Gender
  10. The Battle of Light and Dark and its healing in True Love: Combat Myth, Armageddon and Holy Matrimony
  11. The Gnosis of Homo Sapiens
  12. The Apocalyptic Tradition (Essenes, Nabim and Hasidim)
  13. This Day the Scripture is Fulfilled [in your ears]: (Prophecy and the Messiah)
    Das Leben Yeshu - Vie de Jesus - The Life of Jesus
    The Five Trees of Paradise: Oracles of Yeshua the Messiah of Israel (The Synoptic Gospel of Judas the Twin)
    Jesus of Myth and Miracle
  14. Treading the Winepress - Yeshua and Dionysus (Yeshua's Gospel of Dhu Shara)
    Treading the Winepress - The Epiphany of Miraculous Dread (Dionysus and Demeter)
  15. Bringing Jesus Down from the Cross: (Martyrdom, Religious Genocide and the Inquisition)
    Bringing Jesus Down From the Cross 2: (Witch Hunts, Exorcism, Death Penalty, Euthanasia)
  16. The Rebirth of the Church and the Transfoliation of Life: (The Path of the Seed)
  17. The Sins of the Church: 20th century issues in the Christian church.
  18. The Agape of the Eucharist
  19. Fulfilling the Torah of Moses in the Shekhinah and the Asherah
  20. Maori Prophecy and Zion
  21. The Fatwah and the Shulamite
  22. The Legacy of the Prophet
  23. Toward the One: The Tao of the Sufi

Shamanism, Samadhi and the Tao

  1. The Psychic Descent - Shamanism and Reality
  2. The Shamans of Eden and the Goddess of Gaia: The Future of Planet Earth
  3. The Transmission of the Eucharist - A Homage to María Sabina
  4. Carlos the Coyote, Ramon Silva and Maria Sabina
  5. Twelve Constellations of the Girdle of Gaia 1 (The Sacred Plants)
    Twelve Constellations 2: The True Hallucinogens
    Twelve Constellations 2b: The True Hallucinogens Part 2
    Twelve Constellations 3: The Witching Plants
  6. The Gardens of Adonis: Medicinal and Chemically useful Plants
  7. The Chemical Complexity of Food: Vitamins, Phytochemicals, Anti-cancer foods.
  8. The River of the Sadhu
  9. Buddha and Queen Maya: (The Illusion of the Garden)
  10. The Way of the Ultimate Tao: (The Path of Nature in Ancient China)
  11. Alchemy and the Renewal: The Archetype and Synchronicity of Carl Jung
  12. The Reality of Dreaming

Perspective, Commentary and Review

  1. April/May 98 Sakina exchanges Talk2000
  2. Rainbow Dialogues of the 'Shimmering Page'
  3. The Hard Problem in Consciousness and the Physics of Apocalypse
  4. Abrogating Religious Tradition in the Name of Truth
  5. The Greening of Eschatology (Millennial Ecocrisis)
  6. Sakina, Kabbalah, Shekhinah: The Feminine Face of God and the Tree of Life
  7. Apocalypse Now and Then [A Review]
  8. Original Sin and Limbic Love

The CD, the Millennium and Sakina 2000

  1. Key to the Images from Sourcing the Genesis (Index Key to the CD Movie)
  2. Conceiving Genesis (Introduction to the CD)
  3. Conceiving Genesis Part 2 The Gnostic Kiss
  4. Sacred Marriage Songs of the Bridegroom
  5. Holy Matrimony: Pronouncing the Logos (Index to the CD video seminars)
  6. Requital Document (For the Millennium)
  7. Configuration File (for the CD)
  8. SAKINA 2000 - Homepage Jerusalem Epiphany 2000 - Sakina - Ceremony of the Dove

Bridegroom of Fertility

  1. An Hymn to EVE
  2. The Opening
  3. Thanks-giving to Tane - Guardian of the World Tree
  4. The Five Cardinal Directions
  5. The Bridegroom and the Sacred Marriage
  6. The Nagual of the Apocalypse
  7. Life, the Universe and the Unveiling
  8. Carrying the Buskins of Tragedy
  9. The Poetic Irony of Prophecy: (Synchronicity and lunacy)
  10. References

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