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Joining Sakina Weave

Here is an invitation to join the SAKINA list servers Sakina-Weave and Sakina-Talk.

Sakina is the networking list for Wisdom Earth Democracy or WED an ecological movement promoting biodiversity restoration through social transformation. We are working to form a catalytic movement to save biodiversity and conceive together the ethics for the genetic-evolutionary age. We warmly invite you to participate in performing the restoration of planet Earth in ecosystemic democracy. This is a Wisdom movement, not a 'religion'. Its vision is founded in the celebration of diversity. All genetic issues will be addressed in depth.

The Sakina-Weave list is an action-conception list for catalysing the renewal of our relationship with nature and for making announcements about the Sakina process and related events. This is the list for fertilizing world transformation to the Tree of Life through gender reconciliation and personal illumination.

To join Sakina-Weave list send an E-mail to to subscribe.

Sakina List Prologue:

The sakina list is to keep anyone interested informed about the 'apocalyptic route to saving biodiversity' this is the steep descent to save the living heritage in time to avoid a serious mass extinction.

Earth Shock:

Sakina list is the germ for a core of people who realize that it is possible to save the Earth's genetic and biodiversity heritage for the living future and who communicate together to make a creative adventure and cultural pageant out of doing precisely this. Liberation unveiled. It's not a religion because it doesn't require belief, just intent - the shamanistic key. We are creative participants in unfolding karma together. Ecstatic fulfillment and realization, so it is as good as religion, but we stay free. There are no rituals except creative compassion. Yet we are here to perform the cosmic rite of passage in our coming of evolutionary age - the conscious millennium.

Genesis Wisdom Encyclopedia:

Several of the current members of the Sakina list joined through accessing the Genesis of Eden internet encyclopdedia. Genesis is also a catalytic shamanistic tool for personal and cultural transformation. It is designed to present, as a chaotic fractal, the existential description of reality in a form which enables anyone who takes the time to explore it, to come to full realization of their existential condition as an act in history. Not the final answer, but a complete enough description for the essential cosmic features to be fully apparent, particularly the cosmic nature of biology and of the conscious mind.

Wisdom Diversity:

Genesis also contains a diverse collection of wisdom literature - many people speaking unedited in their own right. This is particularly true of the feminine floodtide authors. Wisdom literature is in many ways the opposite, or rather complement, of the religious perspective. Instead of a directed unity of belief, it is a shimmering river of different perspectives out of which reality emerges through this diversity and the readers' own participation. All realizable possibilities remain open in the diversity of experience this vision presents. Furthermore each is a poem woven about the others as songs sung together in appreciation of the music of cultural inter-relationship.

Creative Catalysis:

However Genesis just points to a living experience. The way than cannot be told is the countless way. Key to the whole process is realizing history by taking a radical creative initiative together as living experiencing beings replenishing the Earth.

Wisdom Earth Democracy (Gaea by any other name):

To facilitate the formation of a democratic Wisdom movement celebrating the sacred reunion principle, we have informally conceived WED "Wisdom Earth Democracy (Gaea by any other name)" to form a germ for a fractal ecosystemic democracy which can facilitate social transformation.

Hope you enjoy this brief period of clear-air turbulence and suggest you fasten your seat belts.

true love, Chris King

Chris King, Jane King and Karen Gilbert members of Sakina.