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Chris King

Genesis of Eden

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Sakina holds the key to healing Jihad

Genesis of Eden
is a visionary and scientific biodiversity encyclopedia.

The Genesis of Eden is a cross-cultural synthesis of scientific innovation with spiritual tradition in its deeper cultural origins in the stream of consciousness, an essential step in placing spirituality within the context of the fertility from which the paradise of Eden originated, and in healing humanity in the natural restoration of planet Earth.

  1. It is a Wisdom Logos of Reality - filling the abyss between science and spirituality dedicated to the restoration of biodiversity.
  2. It is a scientific account of the creative evolutionary process of biocosmology as well as a visionary account of creation through the eyes of the nabi.

There are a growing variety of scientific pages on : cosmological biogenesis, quantum reality, consciousness, evolution, nuclear disarmament, biodiversity, and genetic technology.

Genesis of Eden arose from a millennial transformation movement to birth the sustainable epoch in reflowering the Tree of Life, in celbrating the complementarity between female and male.

Voices of the Floodtide is a drawing together of the threads of ecofeminist and feminine spirituality visions of natural transformation of the planet. It is a growing encyclopedia resource designed to bring together the experiences needed to heal the living diversity of the planet.

The Shamanism pages develop the area of medicinal plants, shamanism and natural spirituality.
Sacred marriage pages elaborate the sacred relationship between female and male.

Trans-nationals and the Decline of Democracy

Sakina the feminine spirit of peace healing jihad and unravelling the Sept 11th nexus.

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Copyright: Chris King for WED. Please ask for permission by E-mail, as exclusive copyright is retained.
Permission for source reference material pending. This is a research work. Genesis contains copyright material of other authors that has yet to receive permission. These are included both as a gesture of respect and because it is essential for the balance of the work and for the transformation to life that they speak fully for themselves about biodiversity, spirituality and ecofeminism uninterpreted.